10 Panel Assure Tech Dip Card Multi-Panel Drug Test CLIA Waived 25/Box

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10 Panel Assure Tech DOA Drug Test Dip Card, CLIA Waived 

Our top selling Assure Tech Multi Panel Drug Test DOA Dip Card 10 Panel Drug Test Dip Card is a fast visual, competitive panel immunoassay that can be used for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drug metabolites at specific cutoff levels in human urine. Custom configurations are available on all TransMed Company Dip Card Drug Tests. Call 800-644-4145 for assistance.


  • Clia Waived
  • FDA 510K Cleared
  • 99% accuracy
  • Immediate Rapid Results: Read Negatives within 1 minute, positives in 5 minutes
  • 24 Month Shelf Life from Date of manufacture
  • Results Remain Valid For Up To 1 Hour
  • OEM & Private Label available
  • Call for volume discounts!
Dip Card Panel Options  (choose above)
Item Number Panel Configuration Adulterants Approvals & Clearances
AZD-1105C AMP, BAR, BUP, BZO, COC, mAMP, OPI300, MTD, OXY, THC None CLIA Waived - Moderate
FDA 510(k) Cleared
AZD-4104 AMP, BAR, BZO, COC, mAMP, , MTD, OPI, OXY, PCP, THC None CLIA Waived - Moderate
FDA 510(k) Cleared
AZD-3104 AMP, BAR, BZO, COC, mAMP, MDMA, MTD, OPI, PCP, THC None CLIA Waived - Moderate
FDA 510(k) Cleared

Product Documentation

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Instructions for Use

Bring tests, specimens, and/or controls to room temperature (15-30°C) before use if stored at refrigerated temperatures. Remove the dip card from sealed pouch and use it as soon as possible.

  1. Donor dates and initials body label.
  2. Donor provides a urine specimen in the cup and screws cap on to it. Start timer immediately.
  3. Operator checks the cap for tightness.
  4. Remove the peel-off label.
  5. Check the temperature strip label at 2-4 minutes after specimen collection for the fresh urine specimen. A green color will appear to indicate the temperature of the urine specimen. The proper range for an unadulterated specimen is 90-100°F (32-38°C).
  6. Drug test results are indicated by the presence or absence of colored band(s) in the result area of the test strips. The result should be read at 5 minutes. Do not interpret the result after 10 minutes.
  7. Positive test results must be confirmed by another test method. Send the cup and urine specimen intact to a toxicology laboratory for confirmation.
  8. For the adulteration,compared with the color card, and the results should be read at 2 minutes, do not interpret the result after 5 minutes.

Interpretation of Results

NEGATIVE- When two colored bands appear on the membrane and one band appears in the control region (C) and another band appears in the test region (T).

POSITIVE- When only one colored band appears in the control region (C). No apparent colored band appears in the test region (T).

INVALID RESULT An invalid result is when a control band completely fails to appear.


  1. The intensity of color in the test region (T) may vary depending on the concent ration of analytes present in the specimen. Therefore, any shade of color in the test region (T) should be considered negative. Please note that this is a qualitative test only, and cannot determine the concentration of analytes in the specimen.
  2. Insufficient specimen volume, incorrect operating procedure or expired tests are the most likely reasons for control band failure.

Interpretation of Drug Test Control Lines

Drug Panel Detection List & Cut-off Levels
Drug Abbreviation Urine Cutoff Level Saliva Cutoff-Level Approximate Urine Detection Times Approximate Saliva  Detection Times
Alcohol ALC or ALCO 20 mg/dL >0.02%  B.A.C. Up to 24 Hours Up to 24 Hours
Amphetamine AMP 1,000 ng/mL 50 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Amphetamine AMP300 300 ng/mL  - 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Barbiturates BAR 300 ng/mL 50 ng/ml 4-7 Days 1-16 Hours
Benzodiazepines BZO 300 ng/mL 50 ng/ml 3-7 Days 4-8 Hours
Buprenorphine BUP 10 ng/mL 10 ng/ml 1-4 Days 48-72 Hours
Cannabinoids THC 50 ng/mL 12 ng/ml 15-30 Days 6-12 Hours
Cocaine COC 300 ng/mL 20 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Cocaine COC150 150 ng/mL  - 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Cotinine COT 200 ng/mL  - 2-3 Days 24-48 Hours
Ecstasy MDMA 500 ng/mL  - 1-3 Days 24-48 Hours
Ethylglucuronide ETG 500 ng/mL  - Up to 80 Hours Up to 80 Hours
Fentanyl FEN or FENT 10 ng/mL  - 3-4 Days 24-48 Hours
Ketamine KET 1000 ng/mL  - 7-14 Days 24-48 Hours
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide LSD 10 ng/mL  - 2-5 Days 12-24 Hours
Methadone MTD 300 ng/mL 35 ng/ml 3-5 Days 12-24 Hours
Methadone (EDDP) EDDP 300 ng/mL  - 3-5 Days 48-72 Hours
Methamphetamine MAMP or MET 1,000 ng/mL 50 ng/ml 3-5 Days 1-3 Days
Methamphetamine MAMP500 or MET500 500 ng/mL  - 3-5 Days 1-3 Days
Methaqualone MQL 300 ng/mL  - Up to 6 Days 48-72 Hours
Methylphenidate MTHP 300 ng/mL  - 1-2 Days 24-48 Hours
Opiates OPI or OPI2000 2,000 ng/mL 40 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Opiates (Morphine) MOR or OPI300 300 ng/mL  - 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Oxycodone OXY 100 ng/mL 50 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Phencyclidine PCP 25 ng/mL 10 ng/ml 7-14 Days 1-3 Days
Propoxyphene PPX 300 ng/mL  - 1-2 Days 48-72 Hours
Synthetic Cannabinoids K2 50 ng/mL  - Up to 3 Days 1-2 Days
Tramadol TRA or TRAM 300 ng/mL  - 1-7 Days 48-72 Hours
Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA 1,000 ng/mL  - 7-10 Days -

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