BD Vacutainer® 364815 One Use Holder 250/Bag

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BD Vacutainer® One Use Holder
BD Vacutainer Needle Holder

The BD Vacutainer® One-Use Holder is compatible with the entire BD Vacutainer® Blood Collection System: BD Vacutainer® Eclipse™ Blood Collection Needles,
BD Vacutainer® Safety-Lok™ Blood Collection Sets, BD Vacutainer® Push Button Blood Collection Sets, and the BD Vacutainer® Multiple Sample Luer Adapters.


  • Tube Holder
  • Standard size holder for 13 mm and 16 mm diameter tubes
  • Clear
  • Compatible with all Vacutainer products
  • Low-cost single use holder that can help customers comply with OSHA regulations
  • Single Use
  • Latex Free


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Becton-Dickenson (B-D)