BD Vacutainer® Plus Blood Collection Tube 16 x 100m 7.5mL Red/Grey Top 100/Pk

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BD Vacutainer® Plus plastic serum tube Transport Tube Item No. 367987

Specifications: 16mm x 100mm x 7.5mL, Red / grey conventional closure, Paper label, Additive: Clot activator and double gel for transport
BD Vacutainer #367987 Red/Grey Top Serum Blood Tube

BD Vactutainer® brand sterile hematology tubes with conventional closure.

367987 7.5 mL 16mm x 100mm Clot activator and double gel for transport Conventional Red/Grey

Key Product Features
Manufacturer # 367987
Brand BD Vacutainer® BD SST™
Manufacturer BD
Additive Clot Activator / Double Gel for Transport
Application Venous Blood Collection Tube
Closure Type Conventional Stopper
Coating Silicone Coated Stopper
Color Code Red / Gray Top
Dimensions 16 X 100 mm
Material Plastic
Sterility Sterile (Cobalt 10-3 SAL)
Tube Color Clear with Paper Label
Type Serum Separation / Transport / Vacuum Collection Tube
Volume 7.5 mL
Storage Store 4° - 25° C
Latex Free Yes
Usage Serum determination in chemistry, Sterile vacuum blood collection for serum determination with separation gel double clot activator

Extra Information

Becton-Dickenson (B-D)