Biological Substance Category B Extreme Ambient Shipper Kit 4/Case

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Biological Substance Extreme Ambient Shipping Kit Category B
Extreme Ambient Biological Substance Category B Shipper

TransMed Company offers a wide range of Biological Substance Category B Packaging Solutions. TransMed selection includes a range of certified packages for
shipping Category B specimens based on the temperature sensitivity of the specimen payload.

Manufactured by Inmark

Item # 24072


  • (1) Corrugated Shipping Carton
  • (1) 7" x 12" 95kPa pressure bag
  • (1) Styrofoan Cooler: Interior Dimensions 8" x 6" x 3" with 1.5" Wall Thickness
  • (2) Gel Wraps 675g
  • Packed 4 kits per case. Sold by the case

IATA Packing Requirements 650 for UN3373 Biological Substance Category B shipping systems

    • Category B marking label
    • Leak-proof primary receptacles*
    • Leak-proof secondary packaging*
    • Absorbent of sufficient quantity to absorb the entire contents of the primary receptacle(s) must be placed between the primary and secondary packaging
    • Rigid outer packaging (a box) with at least one surface having a minimum dimension of 100mm x 100mm
    • All packages must pass a drop test as outlined in the IATA requirements

*either the primary or secondary receptacle must be capable of passing the 95kPa internal pressure test

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