Intercept i2he Oral Fluid Collection Device 50/Case

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Intercept i2he™ 6-Panel Oral Fluid Collection Device 50/Case #1001-0362

Only OraSure the pioneers of oral fluid technology could make a drug test this accurate and this easy.



  • Volume adequacy indicator
  • Increased precision of collected sample volumes
  • Robust collection pad design safeguards against collection pad failures


  • 3-minute collection time (average) with our patented treated pad
  • No pre-collection sample pooling required
  • Ergonomic collector designed for comfortable end-user experience


  • Greater stability at higher temperature ranges
  • Enhanced for consistent drug recovery
  • Increased sample volume allows for larger drug panels

The Value of a Reliable and Trusted Brand

Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Test Logo

  • Oral Fluid Convenience
    Non-invasive collection process that can be administered quickly virtually anytime or anywhere. High quality saliva collection alternative to Quantisal® by Immunalysis.

  • Comprehensive Screen
    Enables accurate testing for drugs of abuse, including marijuana, cocaine, PCP, opiates, and amphetamines – including Ecstasy (All included on standard panel). Intercept can also be used to screen for Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines and Methadone. Your laboratory can set up drug combinations that work for your testing program.

  • Reduced Tampering
    Enables direct observation during collection process, which drastically reduces the opportunity for tampering and use of adulteration products.

  • Elimination of Gender Issues
    Offers non-invasive, oral fluid testing, which can be administered in any location, eliminating the need for private bathrooms and
    same-sex test administrators.

  • Laboratory Confidence
    Delivers proven laboratory reliability and accuracy comparable to urine testing.

Fast and Simple Collection Procedure

Please see package insert for complete instructions.

Step 1 - Swab Step 2 - Slide Step 3 - Seal
Intercept Step 1 - Slide Intercept Step 2 Intercept Step 3 - Seal
Swab for 3 to 4 minutes
Maximum 15 minutes
Slowly slide the collection device
into the vial.
1. Screw cap onto vial and apply seal.
2. Send to laboratory.
Product Calibrator/ Matrix ID Kit Format Tests Per Kit
Amphetamine Oral Fluid 1001-0385 70mL 650
Buprenorphine Oral Fluid 1001-0429 70mL 650
Cannabinoids (THC) Oral Fluid 1001-0390 70mL 650
Cocaine Oral Fluid 1001-0388 70mL 650
Methamphetamine Oral Fluid 1001-0386 70mL 650
Opiates Oral Fluid 1001-0387 70mL 650
Phencyclidine (PCP) Oral Fluid 1001-0389 70mL 650
Barbiturates Oral Fluid 1001-0415 70mL 650
Benzodiazepines Oral Fluid 1001-0416 70mL 650
Methadone Oral Fluid 1001-0414 70mL 650
Oxycodone Oral Fluid 1001-0417 70mL 650
Automated Assay Cals/Controls for Thermo assays - available separately
Product Matrix ID Volume
Methamphetamine Oral Fluid Control Set Oral Fluid 1001-0391 10mL
Methamphetamine Oral Fluid Cutoff Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-0392 5mL
Methamphetamine Negative Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-3093 10mL
Multi-Drug Oral Fluid Control Set A Oral Fluid 1001-0394 15mL
Multi-Drug A Oral Fluid Cutoff Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-0395 10mL
Multi-Drug A Oral Fluid Negative Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-0396 20mL
THC Oral Fluid Control Set Oral Fluid 1001-0397 10mL
THC Oral Fluid Cutoff Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-0398 5mL
THC Oral Fluid Negative Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-0399 10mL
Multi-Drug Oral Fluid Control Set B Oral Fluid 1001-0420 15mL
Multi-Drug B Oral Fluid Cutoff Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-0419 10mL
Multi-Drug B Oral Fluid Negative Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-0418 20mL
Buprenorphone Oral Fluid Control Set Oral Fluid 1001-0433 10mL
Buprenorphine Oral Fluid Cutoff Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-0432 5mL
Buprenorphine Oral Fluid Negative Calibrator Oral Fluid 1001-0431 10mL
Intercept i2he™ Packaging Options
Reorder Number Quantity/Case
1001-0362 50/Case
1001-0498 100/Case
1001-0363 500/Case
Product Specifications
Manufacturer # 1001-0362
Brand Intercept® i2™
Manufacturer Orasure Technologies
Country of Origin United States
Additive Preservative Solution Additive
Application Oral Fluid Collection Device
Closure Type Screw Cap
Material Plastic Shaft / Cotton Fiber Pad
Product Dating We will ship >= 180 days
Tip Type Absorbent Pad Tip
UNSPSC Code 41116100

Extra Information

OraSure Technologies, Inc.