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Biohazard Transport Bags

Specimen transport bags are designed for securely holding lab specimens and lab requisitions during transportation. They typically feature a 3-wall construction with a front pouch for the requisition slip and a liquid-tite adhesive closure system. These bags are available in various sizes and quantities, with some suppliers offering bulk discounts. They are commonly used in hospitals, laboratories, and other healthcare settings to maintain the integrity of lab samples.

Here are some key features of Labtite specimen transport bags:

  1. 3-wall construction: This design provides strength and durability to the bag, ensuring the safe transportation of lab specimens.
  2. Front pouch for requisition slip: This feature allows for easy organization and identification of the lab specimens and their corresponding paperwork.
  3. Liquid-tight adhesive closure system: The patented closure system helps prevent leaks and spills during transportation, maintaining the integrity of the lab samples.
  4. Easy to open bag with tear-line: This design allows for quick and easy access to the lab specimens without compromising the bag’s integrity.

Some suppliers of Labtite specimen transport bags include TransMed Company, Inteplast, and RD Plastics. These companies offer various sizes and quantities of the bags, with some providing bulk discounts. Additionally, TransMed Company offers a range of lab specimen storage and transport containers, including sealed specimen totes, locking lab sample boxes, and over-the-door specimen drop boxes, to cater to different needs in healthcare settings.

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