Capitol Vial 90mL Wide-Mouth Urine Collection Container Temp 400/Case

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Capitol Vial 90mL Wide-Mouth Flip Top Urine Collection Container with Temperature Strip

Thermo Scientific / Capitol Vial (formerly: Samco Scientific) 90mL wide-mouth universal container for use with rapid test cards.
Leak-proof and airtight container suitable for collection, testing, transport and storage of urine specimens.

The 90ml flip-top vial is constructed of 100% polypropylene resin. The vials are leakproof containers that have been tested for binding properties against major drugs of abuse testing targets such as marijuana and cocaine. During transport and storage, the polypropylene material prohibits drugs from binding to the walls of the container to insure optimum test results. The lid of the vial is attached to the container via a permanent hinge.

The temperature measurement range is 89°F to 100°F. A bright green or tan dot will appear under a temperature marking so that you can accurately record the specimen temperature reading. Strip is printed with Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

  • Temperature Strip with F° and C° Scales
  • Wide-mouth flip-top vial 3 ounce (90mL)
  • Vials accommodate most on-site test cards in use today
  • For rapid result cards that require insertion of the test card into the urine sample

Sold by the case of 400

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