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UScreen™ Drug Test Cups

Re-introducing the UScreen Rapid Drug Test Cup, a trusted name in drug testing technology, exclusively manufactured by TransMed Company. This cup is FDA CLIA Waived and OTC Cleared, ensuring compliance and reliability in drug screening. Returning with enhanced features, including wider test strip lines and a convenient click seal cap, this nationally recognized brand continues to set the standard in drug screening. With rapid results available in just 5 minutes and stability for up to 60 minutes, users can rely on accurate readings with ease. Choose from a comprehensive range of options, including FUO (For Forensic Use, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and government agencies) variants, spanning from 5 to 18 individual test strips, to meet your specific testing requirements. Elevate your drug testing experience with the UScreen Rapid Drug Test Cup—the epitome of efficiency and reliability. For further information, please reach out to us at 404-840-8900.

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