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10 Panel Oral Fluid Device, Flip Top Drug Test Kit Saliva Indicator 25/Box

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Healgen Saliva Drug Screen Test Kit | Flip Top Oral Fluids Drug Test | 10 Panel Saliva Drug Test | SalivaScreen 10-Panel

TransMed Company's best selling Rapid Saliva Drug Screen is a cost effective way to detect illicit drugs within oral fluid. Designed for sensitivity, this device can detect commonly abused drugs at concentrations below 75 ng/mL and lower. With a capacity of up to 14 panels and even more parameters to choose from, this device can truly be tailored to your needs. All conventional parameters, as well as Alcohol, ETG and K2 are available.

The SalivaScreen drug test cube from Healgen Scientific is an all-in-one 10 Panel saliva based oral fluid drug test device for detecting recent ingestion of multiple drugs of abuse.  An oral fluid test provides extra security since it can't be substituted or tampered with like a urine test.

This is a rapid screening test for the simultaneous detection of drugs in human saliva. The test is inexpensive compared to urine drug testing when the cost of the collection site and the drug test itself are considered.

Benefits of Oral Fluid Drug Tests

  • Easy and convenient
  • A simple 2 piece packaged device
  • No more controlled collection sites
  • Observed Collections, hard to adulterate
  • No more collection fee's
  • Read alcohol results at 2 minutes
  • Read results at 10 minutes, not valid after
  • Available to test up to 17 substances with adulterants or 18 without adulterants
  • 18 month shelf life from date of manufacture
  • A non invasive oral fluids drug test resolves the major problem from urine drug test of "shy balder"
  • Results in minutes provides recent use of marijuana
  • Saliva drug test targets the THC parent compound that will reflect positive results up to 72 allowing a better prediction of usage or being under the influence
  • Includes a Saliva Saturation Indicator Insures Adequate Sample Collection
  • Easy to Use Hinge Style Flip Type Lid (Style "E")

This test is For Forensic Use Only - Not for Medical Office Use

GBDSA-914104 ESI-1 AMP50, BUP5, BZO10, COC20, mAMP/MET50, MTD30, OPI40, OXY20, PCP10, THC40 INCLUDED - YES FUO - Forensic Use Only
GBDSA-91104ESI-EUO AMP50, BAR300, BUP10, BZO10, COC20, mAMP50, MTD30, OPI40, OXY20, THC40 INCLUDED - YES EUO - Employment & Insurance Use

Download & Print Reference Documents

Flip Top Saliva Drug Test Procedure Card

Flip Top Saliva Drug Test Package Insert


  1. Simply place the collection sponge in the donor's mouth for 3 minutes, then place it in the collection cube.
  2. Keep the cube upright and close the hinged lid, compressing the sponge inside.
  3. Keep upright and read results after 10 minutes. A positive result will have no line appear next to the test line.

10 Panel Oral Fluid Device Flip Top Drug Test Kit Instructions

Saliva Drug Detection Times
Amphetamine AMP 50 ng/ml 24-48 hours
Methamphetamine mAMP 50 ng/ml 72 hours
Cocaine COC 20 ng/ml 24 hours
Opiates OPI 40 ng/ml 24-48 hours
Marijuana THC 12 ng/ml 8-14 hours
Phencyclidine PCP 10 ng/ml 24 hours
Benzodiazepines BZO 50 ng/ml 6-48 hours
Oxycodone OXY 50 ng/ml 6-12 hours
Methadone MTD 35 ng/ml 24-48 hours
Barbiturates BAR 50 ng/ml 24-48 hours
Buprenorphine BUP 10 ng/ml 6-12 hours
Alcohol ALC >0.02% BAC Up to 4 hours
For Forensic use only. Not intended for home use. For a final determination, we recommend a certified LC/MS/MS Lab confirmatory test for a 99.9% accuracy rate.