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Orawell® 6 Panel Saliva Drug Test 25/Box

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Orawell® Saliva Oral Fluid Test for 6 Drugs

The Orawell® oral fluid drug test is approved for forensic use, non-DOT workplace testing, insurance testing, and corrections programs testing. This instant saliva drug test provides preliminary qualitative test results.

  • One Step Rapid Oral Fluid Device
  • Test for Under The Influence of Drug Use
  • Orawell Provides The Answer For Detecting
  • Very Recent Drug Use That Urine Testing Can Sometimes Miss
  • Collect Anytime, Anywhere
  • Results in 5 Minutes
  • For Forensic Testing
Six Panel Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Tests 
Item Number Drugs Tested(Choose Panel Above) Approvals
DA-01 AMP25, BZO5, COC20, MET25, OPI10, THC20 Employment & Insurance Use
DA02-B AMP25, COC20, MET25, OPI10, PCP, THC20 Employment & Insurance Use

Product Documentation

Orawell Package Insert PDF Download Orawell Saliva Drug Test Kit Package Insert

Fast, Easy Testing

Only a small amount of saliva is required to activate the test, reducing the testing time. To collect a saliva sample, the subject rubs the inside of the cheeks to stimulate saliva flow and then holds the device under the tongue. The collection process takes only a few minutes.

Observed Collections. Reduced Cheating.

Because the subject collects the saliva in the presence of the operator, every collection is an observed collection. This virtually eliminates the problems of adulteration and substitution common to urine drug testing. Saliva drug test kits eliminate the same-gender requirement for observed urine drug testing.

Interpreting Test Results

A red colored line should be observed in the control region marked C to indicate the test is performing properly. If no red line appears in the control region, the test is invalid and should be discarded. The operator should perform another test using a new test kit. A red colored line observed in the test region indicates a presumptive negative test result. The color and density of the red line may vary in the control and test regions. A presumptive positive test result occurs if no red line appears in the test region.

The Orawell® drug test provides qualitative preliminary results, which only indicates the presumptive presence of the drug in someone’s system. It does not measure intoxication levels.