T-Cube® 9 Panel Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test Kit (Employment & Insurance Approved) 25/Box

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T-Cube® Instant 9-Panel Saliva Drug Test Kit

TCube® 9-Panel Oral Fluid testing device features results in just minutes without the mess of urine. TCube saliva oral fluids test is easy to read and provides instant on-site results in minutes. APPROVED FOR EMPLOYMENT, INSURANCE (EUO) OR FORENSIC USE (FUO).

  • No more Urine Collection
  • Observed Collection without privacy issues
  • Difficult to adulterate
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Laboratory friendly
  • Totally non-invasive
9 Panel Configurations
SKU Drugs Tested Approvals
TCUBE-9DBA AMP, BAR, COC, OPI, OXY, MET, MDMA, MTD, PCP E&I - Employment & Insurance Approved
T-Cube® Cut-off Table
Drug Abbreviation Cut-off Level Calibrator
Amphetamine AMP 50 ng/mL D-Amphetamine
Barbiturates BAR 20 ng/mL Secobarbital
Benzodiazepines BZO 30 ng/mL Oxazepam
Buprenorphine BUP 5 ng/mL Buprenorphine
Cocaine COC 20 ng/mL Cocaine
Cannabinoids THC 25 ng/mL 11-nor-Δ9 -THC-9-COOH
Methadone MTD 30 ng/mL Methadone
Methamphetamine MET / mAMP 50 ng/mL D-Methamphetamine
Ecstasy MDMA 50 ng/mL 3,4- Methylenedioxymetham phetamine HCl
Opiates OPI 40 ng/mL Morphine
Oxycodone OXY 20 ng/mL Oxycodone

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T-Cube® Oral Drug Test