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Methaqualone (MQL) Single Panel Rapid Drug Test Dip Card 25/Box

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Wondfo Single Panel Methaqualone (Quaalude) Drug Test Dip Card

For Forensic Use Only

This Drug Test Dip Card, Single Panel Device, tests for Methaqualone at specific cutoff levels in human urine. Methaqualone is a synthetic drug. It is made in the laboratories out of several chemicals to imitate the effects of barbiturates. Its key ingredients include anthranilic acid, N-acetyl-anthranilic acid, and N-acetyl-o-toluidine.

Methaqualone is a man-made drug that generally depresses the central nervous system. Like barbiturates, it is also known as a sedative-hypnotic drug, which induces sleep to anyone that uses it. Although it effectively treats patients who are suffering from insomnia and hyperactivity, Methaqualone is rarely prescribed by doctors and is often a drug of abuse. Methaqualone was mainly used as tranquilizers. Doctors used to prescribe an adequate dose of Methaqualone to patients who were suffering from paranoia, hypertension, and nervous break-down. It was also given to people who had anxiety attacks and sleep problems. It typically causes relaxation, drowsiness, and sometimes a feeling of euphoria, which will allow an individual to relax and rest. As an effective sedative and anxiolytic, it was also used as anesthesia before a surgery.

For clinical panels, the initial drug screening and confirmatory test for Methaqualone is 300 ng/ml. For forensic and workplace panels, the new federal cut-off level for the initial test is 300 ng/ml and for the confirmatory test is 200 ng/ml.

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